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Yandex will release a system for managing an “intelligent” house by the end of 2018

It will be called “Yandex.Module” and will be based on the functions of “Yandeks.Stantsii”.

As Vedomosti and Kommersant learned , in late autumn Yandex will issue a controller to manage the smart house. This will be the second device made by a Russian company – in early July began selling “smart” column “Yandeks.Stantsiya”.

July 12 card device appeared in the Unified Register of Notifications, in which the manufacturer indicated the company NotAnotherOne, which produces “Yandeks.Stantsiyu.” The company has already received permission to import it into the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, including Russia and Belarus.

According to sources, “b”, the controller will be called “Yandex.Module” and will resemble the “smart” home system Life Control from the “Megaphone” without 3G and 4G. The controller will be based on the functions of “Yandeks.Stantsii” and remind Google Home, the interlocutor of “Vedomosti” added. The representative of “Yandex” began to deny this information and noted that the data in the notification roster does not belong to the controller of the “smart” house.

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