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“The royal family and should have been shot”: the editor of “Time will show” left the First Channel because of a comment in Facebook

He is sure that the TV channel “tried” to provoke the participant of the show.

Timofey Ermakov (left) and Michael Bohm (right). Photo from facebook Ermakova

The editor of the socio-political show “Time will show” Timofey Ermakov resigned from his post, writing a statement of his own free will, told a source close to Channel One and confirmed by Ermakov himself. A former employee of the TV channel in a conversation called the reason for the dismissal of his comment with the approval of the execution of the royal family.

It’s about Ermakov’s statement under the publication in facebook of a Polish journalist and a constant participant of political talk shows on Russian TV channels Tomasz Maciejciuc. The editor of the First Channel wrote “Glory to Peter Voikova” (the Bolshevik and one of the initiators of the execution of the royal family) and attached a caricature with the murdered king. At the time of writing, the comment was deleted.

Ermakov’s comment on the post in the facebook of Maciechuk. Screenshot of “Ridus”.

Ermakov called the reason for his dismissal of the “pure water provocation” of Maceiichuk, to which the leadership of the First Channel “succumbed.” According to him, the resonance arose after a separate post of the Polish journalist with an appeal to fire the Russian editor. The former employee of the TV channel also explained to his position regarding the execution of the royal family.

They [members of the royal family] were to be shot, which, in fact, happened. Cruelly it turned out? Undoubtedly. Is it worth Nikolai Romanov and his family at least one really working innocent shot demonstration? No, do not. People’s justice triumphed. It’s a pity without a formal court, as Lenin and Sverdlov wanted. But the court would still have sentenced the death sentence. Maybe only for Nicholas and his wife. But this is already a subjunctive mood.

Timofey Ermakov
former editor of Channel One

The first to dismiss Ermakova told the publication “Ridus”. According to him, the leadership “Time will show” the editor put a condition for employment, that he refuses to demonstrate his attitude to the execution of the royal family. Ermakov, in an interview with, rejected this information.

The press service of the First Channel refused to comment on the situation. Ermakov did not say whether he found a new job.

Until 2017, Yermakov was in the National Bolshevik Party “Other Russia”. In February, he tried to foil a briefing on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine, beginning to chant “Stop the Minsk talks” and scattered leaflets with the demand to help the militia of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Germany. He was taken out of the hall, sentenced to five days of arrest, and then deported to Moscow with a ban to visit Belarus.

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