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The promising technique of editing DNA was unpredictable

The technique of editing CRISPR DNA can lead to unpredictable consequences, the results of the next study say. CRISPR / Cas9 is considered a promising tool that allows you to make changes in DNA, removing the “wrong” fragments. Then the cell restores the invasion site and, in theory, the body is deprived, for example, of a predisposition to a dangerous disease.

However, as the new study showed, exactly how the cell will restore its state, it is impossible to predict, that is, it is impossible to name a completely controlled process. The cell “sews” the cut out fragment, however it can lead to mutations and dangerous changes, including – to occurrence of new diseases.

The scientists emphasize that their conclusions do not mean the inefficiency of CRISPR / Cas9 or that the technology is dangerous. According to experts, it is necessary to continue studying this technique of editing DNA in order to avoid catastrophic consequences.

It is worth noting that the scientific world has been arguing for several years about the pros and cons of CRISPR / Cas9. Unequivocal supporters of technology claim that it is safe, others hold the opinion: “DNA scissors” apply right and left is too early.

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