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The Japanese city, considered the birthplace of the ninja, faced a lack of ninja

However, by 2018 secret assassins no longer fulfill orders, but entertain tourists.

Illustrative duel ninja in the city of Iga. Reuters photo

The Japanese city of Iga is considered the birthplace of the ninja – in the 12th century one of the most famous clans of hired killers Iga-ryu was born in the fortress of that region. By the 21st century, young people began to move from a small settlement in Tokyo, which is five hours away, so the authorities of Iga had to think how to keep interest in the city.

Mayor Sake Okamoto bets on the ninja heritage: the city has a large ninja museum, a ninja school, a ninja research center and a ninja festival for several tens of thousands. But this approach led to another problem – Iga was faced with a lack of performers of the role of ninjas for tourists.

Curator of the Ninja Museum of the city of Iga stressed that there are no real ninjas. But the performers of the role of Japanese assassins are preparing to show guests the company’s tricks and hold comradely fights. According to estimates of theleading podcast of the NPR edition of Sally Herships (Sally Herships), who visited Igu, ninjas receive from 20 to 80 thousand dollars a year. Taking inflation into account, this is more than the clan members received in medieval Japan.

However, it is difficult to find new people for the position of the ninja because of the low level of unemployment in the country and the reluctance of young people to work in the province. “There is a shortage of not only engineers or architects, but also performers of the role of ninja,” added Hearshipes.

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