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The Briton accepts requests “to photograph” pictures of subscribers. But he takes requests too literally

For example, if you ask him to remove a bicycle from the photograph, he will find it by geolocation and will take him away.

James Friedman is a graphic designer from the UK who offers users of social networks to edit their photos for free. The author puts only one condition: he “photoshoot” the pictures exactly as he is asked. Often this leads not to the result that subscribers expect.

Fridman became famous in 2016, when he edited pictures of “too narcissistic” people. He was asked to fix the figure and remove the interfering parts, after which the designer turned the requirements against them.

According to Fridman, he began to get involved in photoshop, when it was not very common on the Internet. The Briton made some comic edits for friends and family, then the work was published in social networks, and he was asked to take pictures of retouching. For several years, the number of its subscribers has increased to almost 1.5 million people.

“Can you put my face on the first photo?”

“Hay, can you make the photo less awkward and remove the inscription” wet floor “?”

“Can you put me to a place more abruptly? For example, guard the gates of hell ”

“James, can you make me a real superhero?”

“Can you make me younger?”
Sometimes Friedman reacts to requests seriously. In October 2017, he wrote a girl who was subjected to ridicule from peers because of her appearance. Because of this, she asked the designer to take a picture of “at least something better”.

Friedman did not edit the photo and replied: “You should not ask to make you” at least better “, meet the standards of a handful of pathetic teases that humiliate others for self-assertion. What others think of you depends on how you see it itself. ”

In addition to fotozhab Fridman does and videozhaby.

“Can you make it as if my son is having fun?”

“James, can you take the girl away in a black and gold dress?”
In the last work the British were asked to remove the bicycle from the background of the photo. Fridman again took everything too literally: he figured out the place on the signboard on the building, came there, found a bicycle and “left” on it from a picture.

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