Premium for a minimum: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

A smartphone that perfectly illustrates why in Russia so fanatical love Xiaomi.

In 2016, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi released a slightly unusual smartphone Mi MIX: it did not match the trends of the main line, tried to be frameless and as a material the body had not plastic, metal or glass, but ceramics. Mi MIX in the company was called a “concept-background”: it was produced in very limited quantities, which were immediately sold out – so Xiaomi checked the demand and tested the batch production.

In half a year the second version was released. From the first Mi MIX 2 outwardly differs basically in details: absolutely completely frameless the display got a thicker frame, the corners of the case became slightly more rounded, the screen became smaller. And although this is the second generation, in some characteristics it has become even weaker: for example, the capacity of the battery has decreased from 4400 mAh to 3400 mAh, and the resolution of the main camera (single, not double, as in Mi 6) – from 16 Mp to 12 Mp.

Given these trade-offs, Mi MIX 2 functionally can not compete with the flagships of Samsung, Google and Apple. But if you take into account the price, the situation changes: it though and most expensive among smartphones Xiaomi, but still considerably (sometimes at times) is cheaper than competitors. The three weeks spent with Mi MIX 2 left a very good (albeit mixed) impression of him.

Of course, it is not ideal: and the camera camera is positioned so that when you shoot, you have to turn the smartphone around, and the main camera is only one and that is not of the highest quality, and even the flagship does not have any moisture protection. But in other areas, the Mi MIX 2 is fine: a beautiful and high-quality case, a huge screen, very high speed and decent running time, fast charging.

The main thing that I understood in three weeks of using Mi MIX 2 – with the help of appearance, some features and an unusually high price tag, Xiaomi wants to debunk a little the prevailing opinion that the company produces at least qualitative, but still inexpensive, budget smartphones. Everything in the smartphone says: this is an expensive thing, and it must be perceived that way.

The main impressions I listed in the unusually long for video, and below – a few photos for illustration.

The box, the back cover and the camera rim are decorated with gold
This small cutout at the top of the front panel is a hole for the speaker. In the previous version there was no cutout: the speaker was piezoelectric and sounded “from the case”, which gave a much quieter sound
The front camera is built in the lower right corner of the front panel: in the photo I keep the smartphone upside down – so on Mi MIX 2 it is necessary to do selfi
It’s really frameless design – a significant ledge in Mi MIX 2 was left only from below
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