“Not as fast as the Galaxy S9”: Samsung laughed at the speed of data loading in the iPhone X

The company also went through Apple Store employees who can not answer questions.

Samsung released an advertisement that compared the speed of data downloading for the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, and also made fun of Apple Store employees for their inability to answer questions.

According to the plot of the clip in the Apple Store comes a girl who asks the employee whether the iPhone X has the fastest data download speed. The consultant explains that the company’s flagship LTE connection works faster than the iPhone 8. But when asked about the speed compared to the Galaxy S9, it becomes silent and can not clearly answer.

In May, Samsung published a press release in which it stated that the speed of LTE communications in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is 42% higher than that of competing devices in real conditions. To evaluate the company used the service Ookla Speedtest, evaluating the performance of LTE on Galaxy S9, iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and two generations of Galaxy S7. Experts put the conclusions of Samsung in doubt – in addition to analyzing the speed of the modem, the company did not take into account other indicators: for example, the network and the number of open applications.

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