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Mem: There was a N day without sex


A diary with marks from users of Twitter: without a sexual life they go crazy and even in ordinary things they are looking for sexual overtones.

Promo-photo of the film “The forty-year-old virgin”

Since the beginning of July in the English-speaking segment of Twitter users began to count how much they already live without sex. Someone got out a few hours, someone had years. His comic observations bloggers designed in the form of a diary, which allegedly is all days of “abstinence”. And every day life without sex becomes more and more strange: people go crazy and find themselves superpowers.

«258742 days without sex»
Some users without regular sexual partners began to consider attracting celebrities, whose appearance had not been paid attention before.

“561 days without sex: now I can see with my right ear and I have telekinesis. And I also see dead people ”

“73 days without sex: voices in my head began to seduce me”

“394 days without sex: I can see John Sin”

“308 days without sex: nothing happened. I just got stronger. Yesterday I threw Prius off the bridge. ”

“13857 days without sex: in my opinion, Jay-Z attractive”
Many users after months without sex began to see sexual hints even in everyday situations. And other bloggers with the help of usual things like going to the doctor or buying coffee tried to get a feeling that would somehow remind them of sex.

“283 days without sex: a mosquito began to suck blood from the neck, and I moaned a little”

“227 days without sex: excited when the cashier at Subway asked how long I want a sandwich – 15 or 30 centimeters”

“165 days without sex: accidentally stuck too deep a toothbrush”

“372 days without sex: my chandelier looks attractive”

“103 days without sex: went to the hospital for verification, so that at least someone looked at my penis”

“321 days without sex: a policeman took me into a seizure, and I cried out” choke me, daddy “”

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