LG and Samsung are flooding the market with different models of smartphones

Companies LG and Samsung resorted to the “flood technique”, increasing in 2018 the number of manufactured smartphone models. Previously, both vendors adhered to the policy not to be scattered on a large number of different smartphones, but this year was an exception.

As DigiTimes writes , in the first half of 2018, Samsung and LG have already sent to the market 9 and 8 smartphones, respectively. In 2017 and 2016, for comparison, it was released about 11 models of smartphones by each company.

It is noted that the global share of smartphones Samsung fell in the first quarter to 22.6% compared to 22.7% for the same period a year earlier. LG’s share showed a quarterly low of 3.3% market share. During the same period, Apple strengthened its position from 14.4% to 15.1% of the market, Huawei gained 2% to 11.4%, Xiaomi doubled to a level of 8.2%.

Sources in the industry point to an effective price / performance ratio among Chinese vendors, including Huawei and Xiaomi, which by their policies managed to move the leaders in their positions in all market segments.

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