Jupiter was confirmed with new moons. Now there are 79 of them

A group of astronomers from the Carnegie Institution in March 2017 found twelve new moons that revolve around Jupiter. Now, after a year and a half of observations, the International Astronomical Union officially recognized their existence.

True, the moon was only eleven. The twelfth discovered object (it was called Valetudo) was about a kilometer in diameter and most likely crashed into a normal-sized moon. Valetudo, unlike the nine recognized moons, rotates in one direction with Jupiter itself. According to scientists, because of this in the future, new clashes may occur.

Now the number of moons of Jupiter reached 79. In second place among the known planets of science is Saturn with 61 moons.

Also, another fresh scientific observation is connected with Jupiter: the spacecraft Juno discovered on the satellite Io  something  like a large volcano.

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