“It’s only my fault”: Musk apologized to a diver who saved children in Thailand

The head of Tesla called the rescuer a pedophile for criticizing the use of the submarine in the cave.

Creator Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk apologized on Twitter to the diver Vern Unsworth (Vern Unsworth), who rescued children from a flooded cave in Thailand. The entrepreneur explained that his previous statements were uttered “in anger”.

“As follows from this article, my words were uttered in anger after Mr. Answort slandered me several times and suggested that I have sex with a minisubmarine that was built out of good motives and on the advice of the head of divers”

“However, his actions do not justify mine, and for this I apologize to Mr. Answort and the companies that I manage. My fault and only mine “

Musk responded to Answort criticizing the idea of saving children with a submarine and calling the diver a “pedophile”. After that, investors Tesla asked the businessman to apologize, and the rescuer did not rule out that he would go to court.

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