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In the United States during a basketball game against the player broke the rules. He called the police

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July 17 Twitter user under the nickname TrapMoneyBenny told about an unusual situation during an amateur game of basketball, which was held in one of the gyms of Virginia. According to him, during the match, one of the athletes severely violated the other rules, blocking his body. As a result of the collision, the victim fell down, then stood up and said that he would call the police.

The participants of the match first counted the words for a joke, but he did go to the administrator and called 911. The county office of Loudon confirmed that such an incident was: the officer came to the challenge, but by this time the parties had already calmed down and decided not to put charges against each other.

“Today, for the first time in my life, I watched someone call the police because of a foul in basketball”

“The cop led the participants of the dispute into the hall and forced them to discuss everything as pupils after a fight. He looks angry, because his time is spent ”
In the police report, the violation of basketball rules was classified as an “attack”. One of the participants in the match asked the officer whether he had ever been called out because of sports disputes. “No, this happens for the first time,” the policeman replied.

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