Gadget: Retro nozzles for charging Apple to protect against rubbing

With their help, you can “turn” Lightning into a VGA, a “tulip” and a classic thick electro-plug.

Japanese online store Elecom announced the sale of a series of nozzles for charging wires iPhone called Cable Mania. According to the sellers, these attachments are needed to protect the fragile parts of Lightning – for example, the braid of the wire near the connector, which eventually can climb .

The concept of Cable Mania suggests that the owner of an iPhone or iPad can insert a wire into a wider hollow connector. With its help, the wire will be more convenient to insert into the connector and get it back without excess friction.

Hollow Cable Mania. Photos of Elecom
Hollow Cable Mania. Photos of Elecom
Cable Mania is made in the form of plugs of retro-connectors – multimedia VGA (D-Sub) and RCA (“tulip”), as well as American type A electric plug in black and white versions. The cost of the accessory and its date of sale on the Elecom website is not called.
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