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“We thought we were going to die”: 23 people were injured in Hawaii due to a volcanic bomb explosion near the ship with tourists

Lava struck a hole in the roof of the sightseeing boat, and passengers received burns and fractures.

In Hawaii, 23 people were injured as a result of a volcanic bomb hit the vessel with tourists. The incident occurred near the Kilauea volcano, which erupts since early May.

It is reported that the vessel of the tourist company Lava Ocean Tours was hit by a falling lava near the Kilauea volcano. It is not known how far the ship was from the place, but it received considerable damage: its roof is broken, the rails are damaged and the skin is melted. The incident occurred about six o’clock in the morning according to local time.

I was in the boat right under this explosion. Lava boulders literally washed the roof. We thought that we would die.

Kirk Olsen

Photo by COH Civil Defense

After the incident, the captain managed to return to the harbor. Onboard there were 23 wounded passengers, four of them were taken to the hospital. One of the women is in serious condition with a broken thigh bone.

Most wounded passengers had superficial injuries and were treated on arrival at the harbor.

doctor of the medical center of the city of Hilo

The tour near the Kulauea volcano from the Lava Ocean Tours costs 250 dollars (about 15 thousand rubles), and, according to the information on the company’s website, is performed by licensed captains. Excursions are described as a way to “see, hear and feel the warmth of sitting on board one of the world-class catamarans”.

In 2017, the Hawaii Coast Guard established a 300-meter security zone near the entrance to the lava zone, but authorized commercial and research vessels could go within 100 meters. Two weeks ago , new rules were adopted permitting allowed vessels to pass within a radius of 50 meters. The police are going to check the legality of these actions and conduct an investigation.

Literal explosions occur when hot lava erupts at the entrance to cold sea water. As a result, dangerous gases are formed, as well as fragments of volcanic glass, which can irritate the lungs.

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