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The Kodak Hashminer Mining Farm turned out to be a pacifier

The BBC publication reported that the Kodak Hashminer project failed. More precisely, it actually never existed. In the company Kodak said that this device is not even licensed and it does not have to the well-known manufacturer of phototechnics any relation.

About the Kodak Hashminer farm for the production of bitcoins became known in January. Then the device was presented at CES 2018. It was assumed that users will lease the farm for two years for $ 3400. At the same time, you could not even take it away – the device worked only within the walls of the company itself (allegedly because of a more profitable electricity plan). The monthly income was $ 375.

The BBC notes that many specialists were skeptical about the project and warned people against investing their funds in it. As a result, the experts were right.

The head of Spotlite, which licensed the Kodak brand for use in its products, commented on the situation of the BBC. According to him, the US authorities did not give their approval for the creation of a project with such a scheme of work.

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