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The journalist was kicked out of a press conference by Putin and Trump because of a tablet with the subject of the question

He loudly resented the words of his colleagues, so the security services and other journalists took him for a protestor.

The inscription on the poster: “Treaty on nuclear disarmament.” Photo by Emerald Robinson, OANN

Employees of the Finnish and American special services pulled a man who raised a banner with the inscription “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty”, from a press conference of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

The Guardian published a video on which the man for some time refused to voluntarily give the tablet to the guard and resisted her demands. After that, he was taken out of the hall by force.

According to a BBC journalist who was present at the press conference, the man introduced himself as a reporter for The Nation, but did not give his name. Later the publisher Katrina van den Heuvel confirmed that the detained man was in Helsinki under the editorial task of The Nation, and his name was Sam Husseini.

According to CNBC, the security services considered the poster of Husseini “a pernicious object”. The correspondent of NBC added that the man was taken away because he “angrily protested to American journalists who were standing in four rows from him and were broadcasting live” from the scene.

As noted by the publication Sputnik, many of those present received a journalist for the protestor. Sometimes posters at press conferences are used by reporters, for example, to draw attention to the issue. The mass use of posters can in itself become the subject of journalists’ attention .

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