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The head of Amazon delivered an absolute record of the wealth of the 21st century

The head of the company Amazon set another record, becoming the richest man for the entire existence of the “list of billionaires” Bloomberg. The edition took into account inflation at calculations, therefore Jeff Bezos bypassed Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft owns the previous record set in 1999: then his fortune reached $ 100 billion, or about $ 149 billion in view of inflation.

Thanks to the rise in prices for Amazon shares, Jeff Bezos managed to bypass the “rival” in the list of the richest people in the world according to Bloomberg – his fortune is estimated at $ 150 billion. He was able to become richer than anyone since 1982.

However, Bezos will have to tilt a lot to circumvent John Davison Rockefeller: in the early 1900s his business was estimated at $ 350 billion (adjusted for inflation), which was about 2% of the US GDP at that time.

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