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The coach of the Russian national biathlon team said in Instagram that he is working for the sake of “ksiva”. And a day later lost his post

According to him, the certificate should have allowed “to destroy and rule” on Russian roads behind the wheel of the black “gelding”.

Photo from Vladislav Tulaev’s page in VKontakte

“A state man, have you forgotten?”

On July 16 edition told about the shooting coach of Russia’s reserve team for biathlon Vladislav Tulaev, appointed in June 2018. The 25-year-old specialist, who did not have any coaching achievements, started live broadcasting with his friend Sergey in Instagram and told subscribers about his attitude to the new work.

According to Tulaev, initially he was going “for only 150 thousand [rubles] only to wiggle his fingers,” but before the summer competition he agreed to a lower salary. The coach noted that the main thing for him is to receive a certificate that will allow him to “park on the black” gelding “in the territory of the Olympic Committee” and “go to the sunset”.

Sergey: “Well, what will it give, *****, to you?”

Tulaev: “How will it work? What are you doing? Ksiva, man! Unlimited opportunities on the roads of the Russian Federation, to destroy and dominate. A state man, what, have I forgotten? It’s like the FSB, only in sports. Some Colonel is there or something else. “

The 25-year-old shooting coach shared with his friend, which periodically “hammers” his duties. According to him, the wards complain about the lack of results, so Tulaev plans to increase his training and oblige “to go to hell, to hell” to him.

In fact, Seryoga, I’m very tired. You would see how many shit I shoveled yesterday. I counted all the results, then copied everything into a sheet. From the sheet everything is again in Excel – for each athlete this shooting is fucking: how many shots are done, how many misses, all sorts of sweeps. And then at the end of the bolt already scored, yesterday did not write how much you can exploit Winchester (the nickname Tulaeva – note).

from Tulaev’s broadcast in instagrama

Son of potential sponsors

The next day after’s material, Tulaev’s instructions were deleted, and his data card disappeared from the site of the Russian Biathlon Union (UBR). The press secretary of the organization said that the author of the broadcast “had not a single day of formal relations with the Union of Biathlonists of Russia, but was spinning during training.”

Journalists found mention of Tulaev in the list of coaches and candidates for the Russian national biathlon team, compiled by the Ministry of Sport. Formally, he really did not work in the team – the SBU tightened the signing of contracts with the coaching staff.

Later it became clear that Vladislav Tulaev was the son of Svetlana Tulaeva, the company’s top manager for the production of PhosAgro’s phosphorus-containing fertilizers. The company was negotiating about cooperation with the SBR: judging by the picture of the president of the union Vladimir Drachev, Tulaeva was present at one of the meetings.

Tulaev said that his phrases about the FSB and “xivu” were cut out of context. “The video should not have stayed on the network, because the conversation was very early in the morning, and I found out about it, it turns out that there, after a few hours, but you already see how it happened, it was a personal conversation between two comrades, – he added.

Leaving office

In social networks, Tulaev was criticized for saying about work in the team for the sake of certification and the desire to be “like the FSB.” Commentator Dmitry Guberniev asked to comment on the coach’s actions and said that he would not evaluate the “idiot”.

July 17 Tulaev said that he would no longer work in the Russian national biathlon team. According to the head of the SBR, he was considered for the position along with other young specialists: the author of the broadcast participated in the collections and successfully passed the tests. At the time of recording the video, he passed an unpaid trial period.

According to Drachev, before leaving Tulaev apologized to the whole team for what he said in the broadcast. Also, the head of the Biathlon Union added that the shooter inadvertently was counting on 150 thousand rubles for his work: “We do not have salaries, either.”


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