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The American pensioner staged his murder to conceal suicide. It was in the series CSI

He tied the gun to the meteor shower, and the police searched for the killer for three months.

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The police of the American city of Palm Beach Gardens for about three months investigated the murder of a 71-year-old local resident. Detectives studied the history of the browser and requests to Google Maps pensioner, as well as interviewed his relatives. They found out that the American camouflaged suicide for murder, using a pistol tied to a meteor ball with helium.

71-year-old Alan J. Abrahamson moved to Palm Beach Gardens about ten years ago and lived in a big house with his wife. As noted by The Washington Post, this is a small city with 50 thousand inhabitants, where many pensioners and golfers live. The police did not find evidence in the Abramson case of serious illnesses or mental disorders, this was also not mentioned by foster children and neighbors.

On January 25, 2018, policemen discovered the body of a pensioner near his home. CCTV cameras recorded how Abramson with something in his left hand comes out of the gate at 5:37 in the morning, and after about 30 minutes a shot is heard. Employees brought the neighbor of the pensioner, whose dog heard a shot and led him to the body. “Such crimes are simply unheard of for this locality,” said the CBS news anchor.

Abramson’s body was not found weapons, traces of struggle, or prints of someone else’s shoes. The wallet was still in his pocket, but there was no clock on his arm and it was empty in the holder for the notes. The American was lying on his back with an extended index finger on his left hand. At the autopsy, a bullet was taken from the body of the pensioner, which passed through the lungs in the heart.

Throughout February of 2018, the police continued to search for the killer: she notified Abramson’s neighbors and announced a reward of $ 3,000 for the capture of the criminal. Friends of the American several times added money to this amount to help the investigation. Employees interviewed many residents of Palm Beach Gardens, including his wife, foster children, grandchildren and friends of a pensioner. To search for weapons, water wastewater, garbage cans and nearest fields were combed. However, the matter did not advance.

In early March, Linda Abramson (Linda Abrahamson) helped the police unlock her husband’s smartphone. In the e-mail Alan found an order made on the eve of Christmas – a meteorological ball for $ 55 (3,4 thousand rubles). After that, the detectives studied the history of the browser, because of which they began to doubt the original version of the murder.

The history of Abramson’s browser related to suicide:

  • July 7, 2009: “how to commit suicide”, “suicide”;
  • April 10, 2012: “life insurance in case of suicide”;
  • March 17, 2016: “undetectable methods of suicide”;
  • February 2017: “when a shot in the heart, death comes instantly?”, “how to kill yourself without a gun”;
  • February 2017: YouTube videos on weapons and proper shooting;
  • August 2017: “how many cubic feet of helium is needed to raise one pound?”;
  • January 2018: “suppliers of helium nearby”;
  • January 2018: “The time of dawn and dusk.”

The history of Google Maps confirmed that the American was visiting an industrial store two days before the suicide – at the request of the police they were given a copy of the receipt for the helium tank. The staff, just in case, interviewed Abramson’s relatives once again about whether he was not keen on exploring the weather and launching weather balloons. They all replied that they had never heard of it.

The last argument in favor of suicide was checking the time that is necessary to get from the gate to the crime scene. Judging by the cameras, Abramson took 37 minutes, and detectives, even for several attempts, could not spend more than 4 minutes. Also on the shirt of the pensioner noticed uneven traces of blood, which stretched to the shoulder.

At the end of March, the police changed the cause of death to suicide and closed the case, having previously notified his wife, children and grandchildren. The police decided that Abramson tied the gun to a meteoric balloon that took off immediately after he fired. Gusts of wind, presumably, carried the probe to the Atlantic Ocean. The case file was published only on July 15 with the permission of relatives.

A similar way to hide suicide was shown in one of the series of the series “CSI: Crime Scene”, released in 2003. The trick tried to repeat the resident of New Mexico in 2008, but the ball became entangled in cacti and the shot passed by.

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