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Samsung announced ultrafast memory standard LPDDR5

Samsung introduced a new generation of RAM memory. The LPDDR5 chip is made for the first time in the process technology of 10 nm, which makes it one and a half times faster than the current LPDDR4X. Theoretically, this memory can transfer 51.2 GB of data per second.

It is assumed that the new chip will be useful when working with machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence. In addition, the work with recording and processing images as Ultra HD will be accelerated. Finally, the standard is useful with the spread of 5G networks. The family consists of 16 GB of GDDR6 DRAM and 6 GB of DDR5 DRAM.

LPDDR5 turned out not only faster, but also more energy efficient than its predecessor: engineers managed to reduce the required voltage for work. There is also a new “deep sleep” mode, which is also designed to save battery power.

Likely, LPDDR5 debuts in the future flagship of the company – the smartphone Galaxy S10.

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