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Policemen in the United States with the help of a coin decided to delay the girl. She won, but she was still arrested

The girl was told that she violated the speed, although the police did not even have the equipment to fix it.

Two police officers in the US state of Georgia tossed a coin to decide whether to arrest the girl for speeding. They did not have a radar, so they decided to entrust the woman’s freedom to the occasion. The recording of the incident from the camera of the officers was partially published by the ABC television channel.

Police officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson stopped the girl for speeding. However, the police did not have a radar to prove the violation, so they decided to “throw a coin.”

Wilson launched the application on a smartphone with a coin game and set the conditions: if the “eagle” falls out – the girl will be arrested, and if the “tails”, then they will let go. The coin fell in the bend, but the police still decided to detain the infringer.

The girl was charged with speeding, reckless driving and driving too fast for conditions on the road. She did not know that the issue of her freedom depended on the occasion.

The incident occurred in April 2018, but it became known only now. On July 16, all charges against the woman were dropped, and the officers were sent on paid leave. Whether they are under any kind of responsibility is unknown.

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