“Point of no return”: graffiti in Yekaterinburg to the centenary of the shooting of the Romanovs

With his help you can look at the murder of the royal family through the eyes of the executioners (or the victims themselves).

Journalists and the advertising studio Great prepared for the centenary of the murder of the royal family wall drawing “Point of no return”. With the help of a sticky tape, they painted images of the Romanovs and their executioners on the walls of an underground passage near the Yekaterinburg Blood Temple.

Opposite to each of the opposite walls, there are large red marks with the indication of the “point of no return” – the distance on which the participants of the events in the Ipatiev House stood at night on July 17, 1918.

We wanted without any gadgets and technology, by simple and affordable means to let people feel what it’s like to face the murderers. To try to literally immerse yourself in a tragic moment, to become a part of it, to stand between a defenseless royal family and people with revolvers.

authors of graffiti “Point of no return”


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