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Maria Kozhevnikova explained why she did not support the “so-called France”

And subscribers accused her of racism.

Photos by @mkozhevnikova

Actress Maria Kozhevnikova in her instagram explained why she decided to root for the Croats in the final match of the 2018 World Cup. One of the reasons was that “the combined France, if one can call it so, consists of Kimpembe, Mandanda, Nzonzi, who come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dembele from Mauritania, Sidibe and Kante from Mali, Umtiti and Mbagpe from Cameroon, Pogba from Guinea, Tolisso from Togo, Matiyadi from Angola, Mendi from Senegal, Fekir from Algeria. “

Commentators in response accused her of “pure racism”.

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