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“It is clear that flies to the other side of the ball”: Putin commented on the presentation of the Russian missile over Florida

The president offered the American journalist to review the video more closely.

Vladimir Putin said that the new Russian weapons, presented in March, are not directed against the United States. He told about this in an interview with Fox News after the summit with Donald Trump. Decoding of the video interview is published on the Kremlin website.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace recalled that during Putin’s speech on the new Russian weapons in the spring, footage with a map of Florida was used. He suggested that it was a provocation.

Putin: As for the video, they do not say that this missile is aimed at the territory of the United States. We need to take a closer look at our video. This is the first. The second. All our new percussion systems are aimed …

Wallace: There was written “Florida”.

Vladimir Putin: No, there was not written “Florida”. It is not true. Look again and closely. There was not written “Florida”. It was clear that he was flying to the other side of the ball.

Wallace: It could be seen on the map.

Vladimir Putin: No, you could not see on the map. Look closely, look carefully, and do not frighten your population with threats that do not exist. Yes, look carefully. Do you want me to give you this video?

During the appeal to the Federal Assembly on March 1, Putin introduced new Russian missiles, demonstrated with the help of computer graphics. Later, users of social networks noticed that during the speech of the president they used footage from the Channel One broadcast about the rocket “Satan”, in which it was shown how it destroys Florida.

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