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In “Yandex” there was a big leak of personal data of Russians

The search results of “Yandex” were again the personal data of Russians. Public scans of passports, data on bank payments, tickets for airplanes and trains became public property.

A new leak of documents was discovered by one of the users, an expert on working with search engines Pavel Medvedev. He said that with the help of the search engine “Yandex” you can get personal data from the sites of Sberbank and VTB, the Moscow Department of Transportation and the aggregator

In “Yandex” explained that in the public access were only those pages that are not prohibited with the help of a special file. To ensure that the content of those or other pages of the site is not indexed, the owner of the site or the webmaster should take measures.

July 4 in the search for Yandex and other search engines there were documents of users of the Google Docs service containing private information. This was noticed by Internet users who, on certain requests, found many interesting documents stored in an unprotected form. In the field of view of journalists and bloggers, methodologies for botnets, lists of election campaigners, personal data of voters and discriminatory rules of hiring came to the attention of journalists and bloggers.

Among the other files of Google Docs containing private information found in the issuance of “Yandex,” were tables with the data of prostitutes, contacts of civil servants, including mayors, representatives of law enforcement agencies, heads of administrations of governors. It is also said that free access was to information about contracts, tenders and bribes, rumors and “plums” in federal and regional media. Then the experts clarified that in the issuance of “Yandex” documents appeared from Google Docs, not protected by the privacy settings.

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