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In Tuva, more than 90 people were poisoned with chicken meat in the Shaurma snack bar

No one was killed, and the cafe was closed for investigation.

In the Republic of Tuva, more than 90 people received food poisoning with chicken meat, bought at the Shaurma snack bar. According to local Rospotrebnadzor, 50 residents turned to the hospital, 17 of them children under 17 years old. The head of the republic said that the cafe was closed before the investigation was completed.

In Rospotrebnadzor found out that the poisoned bought dishes with chicken meat in the cafe “Shaurma” on the square Arbat. In 12 patients, salmonella bacteria were detected, which were allegedly contained in meat and garlic sauce with raw eggs. None of the patients died, the doctors stated a stable condition.

The Investigative Committee began checking on the fact of poisoning and an investigation into the owner of the diner. The cafe opened at the end of June and brought meat from outside the republic.

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