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In the video about the new missile on the message of Putin used footage from the movie First Channel from 2007

In the original, it was about a rocket of the last generation, which “destroyed” Florida.

In the video about the new Russian rocket “Sarmat” used footage from the documentary of the First Channel about the rocket “Satan”. The original appeared on the air of the channel more than ten years ago.

The film showed how the rocket “Satan” destroys the coast of Florida. In the movie about “Sarmat” got only the first half of this animation, where destruction is not visible.

Frames from the demonstration clip “Sarmata”

On March 1, during a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin introducedtwo new Russian missiles. He said that Sarmat has no limitations on range and it will be able to counteract missile defense systems. The new development is planned for adoption instead of the morally obsolete “Satan”.

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