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In the US, the girl lost a soft toy at the airport. The policeman found the missing and returned with a book about her travels

Adventures of a plush dog in the fire department, police station and on the escalator.

Photo from Facebook Kelly Bridges

8-year-old Augusta “Gassi” Bridges (Agust “Gussie” Bridges) lost a plush dog at the airport in Norfolk (Virginia, USA). Two days later , the policeman returned her , who handed the girl a book with photos on which the toy was taken in completely unexpected places.

When she said that she had lost her toy, I realized that she was about to cry. 
Gassi received her a few weeks ago, and she really was attached to her.

Kelly Bridges
mom girls

Upon learning of the loss, my mother called the airport’s airport. They said that the airport police officer began to deal with the missing plush dog.

Two days later Gassi returned with her father to the Norfolk airport. The policeman handed the dog a dog along with an “adventure book”, in which the toy was visited during the absence of the owner. For two days the plush pet became an honorable policeman (he was photographed in a small police uniform), he rode on an escalator, watched an airplane passing by and drove past the wheel of heavy equipment. “I’m so much fun, but I still miss you!”, – “wrote” the dog.

The girl’s parents told us that she was upset by the lost toy. Therefore, the dispatcher and the police just wanted to pay special attention to the return of the toy.

Steve Sterling
representative of the Norfolk airport administration

The girl’s mom told the story on her Facebook page, enclosing photos from the book.

It was just amazing that they did it for Gassi. I almost cried. Norfolk International Airport, you are all terrific!

Kelly Bridges
mom girls
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