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“Did it cost him to fly overseas to mock me?”: What did Putin say in an interview with Fox News after meeting with Trump

The president sums up the personal results of the summit and talks about the death of political opponents, terrorism and the “Novice”.

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July 16 in Helsinki was the first large-scale meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. The leaders of the two countries for two hours discussed topics that cause numerous disagreements, including Syria, Ukraine and the US elections in 2016. Immediately after the meeting, the Russian president spoke at a press conference, and then gave an interview to Fox News.

On the Nuclear Threat and Terrorism

We today with President Trump noted that terrorism is even a greater threat than it seems at first glance. After all, if, God forbid, horrible things happen, they will get to some kind of mass destruction means, this can lead to terrible consequences. […]

In 2021, the START III treaty ends [ an agreement on reducing the volume of weapons between the United States and Russia – approx. ] . What to do with this? I assured Mr. President that Russia is ready to extend this contract, prolongation, but, of course, we must talk about the details. […]

We talked about what and how we can do in order to improve the situation in North Korea. I have already noted, I want to repeat: I think that President Trump has done a lot to resolve this crisis.

But in order to achieve the full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, of course, international guarantees will be required, and Russia is ready to contribute to the volume that will be required of it.

About GRU officers accused of interference in US elections

Before the question, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace showed Putin a list of 12 GRU officers who on July 13 the US Justice Department accused of interfering in the presidential election in 2016. The Russian leader asked to put a print-out with names on the table and did not return to it. Judging by the statement from the press conference, Putin is not yet fully up to date on this matter.

Do you really think that it was possible to influence the elections in the United States from the territory of the Russian Federation and influence the choice of millions of Americans? This is ridiculous. […]

Why should not Mr. Muller send us an official request under this treaty? Moreover, our Russian investigators could, according to this agreement, question all people whom the American side suspects in some way.

On relations with Trump

As for why we talked like intelligent people with each other. Does this surprise you? Was it worth it to meet, go to Helsinki: it’s to fly over the ocean, do I come here from Moscow to abuse each other with indecent words and scold each other? […]

We have no compromising evidence [ on Trump] and can not be. I do not want to offend Mr. President Trump, and I’m afraid of appearing impolite, but before he announced that he would be a presidential candidate, he was of no interest to us.

About the war in the Middle East

Always the question arises who is to blame. In my opinion, the terrorist groups that destabilized the situation in this country are to blame. These are IGIL, “Jabhat an Nusra” and the like. They are the culprits.

This is how the US military responds when they strike civilian targets in Afghanistan, Iraq or some other country. And in general, although it may seem controversial to some, but in general it is true.

About negotiations on Crimea

We know the position of President Trump about the fact that Crimea is part of the Ukrainian state, he told me about it today, I formulated our position to him, which is close to what I now broadcast to you. This concludes our discussion on the Crimea.

About political opponents

Wallace asked why so many people who criticized Putin were killed. As an example, the journalist led the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a reporter for Novaya Gazeta.

You did not kill the presidents, did they? Have you forgotten about this? Kennedy where killed, in the US or in Russia? And what happened with [Martin] King? What generally happens during clashes between police and members of civil society, say, ethnic Negro organizations? Does this happen to you, or is it yours? This is happening to you. You have a lot of problems. […]

And the fact that in Russia there are criminal manifestations, yes, unfortunately, this is so. Russia is still largely in the state of its state formation.

About the Violins and the “Beginner”

We want to be given at least some documents on this subject, at least some materials. After all, no one says anything. Just like in the case of accusing us of interfering in the political processes in the United States. After all, not a single document was given. […]

Now we hear that two more people have suffered from this so-called chemical drug, which is called “Novice” ( it’s about two British people who got under the action of the drug – note ) But I have never even heard of these names. What kind of people are they from, why did they suffer? […]

What kind of bottle did they bring ? Who raised it? Where did he get it? Where is the chemical composition? Or, maybe there are other reasons that these people suffered? Maybe they are inside the UK? With this, no one wants to understand properly. Just unfounded accusations.

About creating the image of the “leader of Russia” around him

I do not pretend to be a symbol of Russia. But from the point of view of the current law, the flag, anthem, and the institution of presidential power are to a certain extent symbols of the country, and not only of Russia, but of any other country.

I hope that my work also reflects what Russia is doing, what it is concerned about and what it is willing to do in order to normalize our relations with all countries, including, of course, with such a great country as the United States of America.

We are interested in developing relations in the sphere of security, strategic stability, overcoming crises, fighting terrorism, in the economic sphere. I hope that today President Trump and I made at least the first step in this direction.

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