Cache with mummies found in Saqqara

A unique discovery was announced this morning in Cairo by the Minister for Antiquities of Egypt, Dr. Khaled El-Enany. Experts from the Egyptian-German mission, working in the famous necropolis of Sakkara, 30 km from Cairo, discovered underground catacombs south of the pyramid of King Unas, literally filled with remains and items of funeral equipment.

Found 35 mummies, 5 sarcophagi, canopies – vessels with insides of the dead, massive vessels for fragrant and funeral oils, on the surface of which their contents are recorded in detail, and a silver gilded mask – extremely rare for Egypt. The last time a mask of this kind was discovered in the country in 1939.

The mission has been working in Saqqara since 2016, with the University of Thuringia taking part in it from the German side. The team leader is the Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Ramadan Hussein. The main mission of the mission is to re-examine, study and conserve the twelve tombs of the so-called so-called Tomb. “The Sai Renaissance” (7-6 centuries BC) – massive underground structures, often richly decorated with funeral texts and images, most of which were discovered between 1899 and 1950, but poorly studied and almost not documented

© Victor Solkin on the reports of Luxor Times and Youm7

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