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What will the World Cup remember in 2018 in Russia. Amazing facts

The main football event of the fourth year has ended.

Yesterday the final match of the World Cup 2018 took place, in a spectacular match the French team defeated the Croats and by right can be considered the best football nation for the next few years.

We suggest recalling the most interesting and memorable events of the national mundialya.

1. The VAR system (video assistant referee)

For the first time at a major tournament, a new technology for fixing violations of the rules was applied. A special brigade of judges in the so-called video room watched what was happening through the cameras lenses and at any time was ready to come to the aid of the main arbiter of the match.

If the video assistants doubted, the referee personally revised the disputed moment on a special monitor at the edge of the field and made a decision.

Fortunately, such a decision did not significantly reduce the pace of the match and allowed to understand rather controversial situations.

Interestingly, according to statistics, on average, the referee for the game takes 2-3% of wrong decisions. It was for the sake of minimization of this indicator that the system of video replay was introduced.

2. Fourth substitution in the match

The second most significant innovation was the opportunity to hold the fourth substitution in the extra time of playoff matches.

All teams that played 120 minutes took advantage of the rule.

It definitely added freshness in the endings of the meetings, and from the next Champions League and the League of Europe the rule will start to act there.

3. The highest number of penalties

As one of the consequences of the introduction of video replay – a large number of 11-meter beats. At the last mundiale, a penalty kick was punched a record 28 times . At the same time at previous championships the number of hits “from the point” did not exceed 18 times for the championship.

Players of teams were simply not ready for the fact that even the most inconspicuous violations will not escape from the television cameras.

In addition, there was even a case of canceling an unjustly appointed penalty by a judge after a detailed review of the moment in the record.

4. The largest number of own goals

Apparently, the defensive players were very worried about the violation of the rules in their own penalty area and in difficult situations they tried without risk to kick the ball out of the field.

This led to a large number of cuts and goals scored in their own goal. For all the matches of the championship such missteps counted as much as 12 pieces .

The previous record of 6 goals scored for the championship was established 20 years ago.

5. The most boring championship

Only one match in the tournament ended without goals scored.

The French, who eventually became champions, in the third match of the group stage played a goalless draw with the Danish national team.

In thirteen games, only one ball was scored, while the rest of the meetings proved more effective.

At the same time, a record was set – 37 matches since the beginning of the tournament have passed with forgotten goals.

6. The highest percentage of attendance

The previous factor definitely affected the attendance of the tournament.

The average occupancy of stadiums was more than 98% . Virtually all the matches of the tournament was sold out. In this case, all past games in Moscow are marked by 100% stadium filling, and at one of the matches in Volgograd were able to fill only 92% of the stands.

Most of the tickets among foreigners were purchased by US citizens (86,000), followed by fans from Brazil (71,000 tickets purchased).

7. Deciding goals in the last minutes

Immediately 10 duels of the last World Cup ended with deciding goals in the last minute or in the time added by the arbitrator.

This demonstrates the players’ charging and an incredible desire to win.

The players fought to the final whistle, which gave the audience a lot of bright junctions in the endings of matches.

8. The highest percentage of goals from standard positions

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, left, scores his side’s equalizing goal during the group B match between Portugal and Spain at the 2018 soccer World Cup in the Fisht Stadium in Sochi, Russia, Friday, June 15, 2018. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

73 of the 167 goals scored at the World Cup were the result of drawing standard positions (penalty shootouts, penalties and corners).

It turns out that the ball went to the grid after the standards in more than 43% of cases .

Last but not least, this was the result of a large number of designated penalties.

9. The greatest amount of time lying on the lawn

Ambiguous championship turned out for the most expensive player of the planet – the Brazilian Neimar.

His team left the race at the stage 1/4 finals, and the player himself was remembered by an ambiguous record.

For five matches held, Neimar lay on the lawn for 13 minutes and 50 seconds . This became as a result of frequent fouls on the Brazilian, and Neimar’s desire to draw the time.

In this case, 5 minutes 30 seconds the Brazilian lay in a match with Mexico.

10. The Fastest Run

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo was marked by a high-speed record. In one of the episodes he managed to accelerate to a record 38.6 km / h .

Ronaldo is recognized as the fastest football player not only in the world championships, but also in all football competitions.

Recall that the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt managed to develop a speed of 44 km / h.

11. The longest run

Roman Zobnin, the Russian national football team, is recognized as the main sprinter of the tournament. For five matches he managed to run over 62 km in total .

The best indicator of the tournament is accompanied by 34 successful selections of the ball and 14 unsuccessful attempts to stop the players of the opposing team.

12. All teams scored in the goal of the opponent at least twice

Yet never in the world championships the national teams did not demonstrate such an equal game. Favorites and outsiders fought without a noticeable difference in the class, which ultimately resulted in an early departure from the distance of most serious contenders for the victory.

Record was a record of at least two goals scored for the tournament by all its participants. At the same time, only teams from Panama and Egypt could not get a single point. The remaining teams at least once played a draw or won.

13. The curse of the current champions continued

Before the 2018 World Cup, the so-called “curse of the champions” operated. The national team, which won the last championship, could not pass the group stage in the next championship.

Prior to that, in 2002, France did not leave the group, which won the world championship in 1998, the Italian team won the World Cup in 2006, but dropped out after the group stage in 2010, and the 2010 champion – the Spanish team, could not overcome the group stage in 2014.

This time, the curse befell the Germans. The world champion of 2014 could not beat the modest team of the Republic of Korea, for which the last match of the group stage did not solve anything.

Germany squad missed twice already in extra time and for the first time in history lost to the team from Asia. At the same time the Germans took the last place in the group and went home.

Let’s see if the French curse will be able to overcome in four years.

14. A lot of added time

Video replay affected the duration of matches. The regulations require judges to add time to the main for all stops during the match, and when two time spells have looked through the repetitions of the disputable moments for 4-5 times, it took 7-8 minutes to replay.

In almost every game, the judges added an average of 5 minutes of time, before that the average was considered to be 2-3 minutes added.

The result was another record – the most recent goal in the regular time of the match at 96 minutes and 48 seconds scored the players of the Brazilian national team.

15. Record for exact transfers

In combinational football, more teams are beginning to play. This is facilitated by the technical skill of players, and the literacy of coaches, and the high quality of lawns in the playing fields.

The last championship was remembered by a large number of rallies and transfers instead of long-range strikes or aimless canopies.

The record for this indicator was a memorable match between Russia and Spain. Defeated in a series of penalty shoot-outs, the Spaniards managed to make as many as 1 114 exact games .

This was a new record for matches of this level, the previous achievement was established by the players of the Argentina national team in 2010, having made 703 exact passes for the match.

16. Record possession of the ball

I remember the match between Spain and Russia a record for some and an anti-record for others.

The Spaniards owned the ball 84% of the playing time , which previously did not happen at the world championships. Unsurprisingly, the Russian team before the tournament had the lowest FIFA rating among all participants of the tournament (70th place), and Spain is consistently in the top 10 of this rating.

17. The oldest player

At the World Cup 2018 on the field came the oldest player in the history of world championships. Goalkeeper of the Egyptian team Esam El-Hadari at the time of entering the field was 45 years and 161 days .

Although the Egyptians also lost, the goalkeeper showed himself with the best hand and remembered the penalty kick in the first half of the match.

18. Fastest yellow card

The player of the national team of Mexico too nervously started the match against Sweden and managed to shove the warning already at 15 seconds of the meeting .

Although the player managed to play the game without removal, but his team lost this match.

19. The most age-old author of a hat trick

(FILES) This file photo taken on June 30, 2016 shows Portugal’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating after scoring a penalty during the Euro 2016 quarter-final football match between Poland and Portugal at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille. Cristiano Ronaldo won his fourth Ballon d’Or on December 12, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / Valery HACHE

Cristiano Ronaldo became the oldest player, who managed to score three goals in one match at the world championships.

It is noteworthy that this happened in the game against the Spanish national team on the second day of the tournament. Rolundu managed to sign at the gate of the opponent three times at the age of 33 years.

20. The very goal start of the match

Match 1/8 finals between the teams of Denmark and Croatia turned out to be quite curious. Already at the end of the first minute the Danes were led in the account, and in the fourth minute of the match the Croats scored the second goal.

The match was awarded the title of the game with the fastest scoring goal in the tournament and with the fastest second goal in the history of the world championships.

Curiously, the main and extra time ended with a score of 1-1, and the winner was determined in a series of post-match penalties. No luck for those who were late for the game for only 5 minutes.

21. A large number of footballers from England

English champion Manchester City has delegated to teams of different countries immediately 16 players. Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona sent 15 and 14 players, respectively.

Of the domestic clubs are leading Lokomotiv, Zanit and CSKA. Each team consists of 6 “collections”.

The English Premier League is not in vain considered one of the strongest in the world. Immediately 124 representatives of this championship went to the World Cup 2018. From Spaniard League matches in Russia were visited by 81 players, and from the German championship – 67 players.

Russia in this indicator in sixth place. From the Premier League on the fields of the World Cup, 36 players competed.

22. The smallest country in the World Cup

Footballers of the Icelandic team sensationally made their way to the World Cup in Russia and became the smallest country to compete in this tournament.

The population of Iceland is about 330 thousand people, among the players there are former postmen, lawyers, cleaners, fishermen and filmmakers.

23. The biggest growth in Instagram subscribers

GELENDZHIK, RUSSIA – JUNE 11: Rurik Gislason poses during the official FIFA World Cup 2018 portrait session at Resort Centre Nadezhda on June 11, 2018 in Gelendzhik, Russia. (Photo by Simon Hofmann – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

An attractive and athletic player from Iceland’s national team, Rurik Gislason, came on as a substitute in one of the matches and spent only 30 minutes playing time on the field.

At the same time, his account in Intagram managed to gain more than 300 thousand subscribers.

For the entire championship, Rurik increased the number of subscribers from 37,836 to 1,339,812 people.

With a smile on his face looks at this indicator star Intagram among all players – the Portuguese Ronaldo . Over 135 million people have signed it.

24. Record prize from FIFA

The current championship helped the players of the Russian team to earn about $ 16 million in prize money. In this case, the winners of the French will receive $ 38 million in prize money from FIFA.

This is $ 3 million more than the previous world championship.

25. Billions of rubles spent by the guests of the tournament

According to the results of statistical research it was found out that more than three million foreign visitors visited the matches of the championship. Most of them are tourists from China (more than 100 thousand people), despite the fact that the national team of their country could not qualify for the championship.

Only for the first two weeks of the World Cup at the box office of domestic institutions settled about 1.7 billion rubles! Statistics only on maps of the official payment system of the World Cup. If you add to this cash and other types of cards, the amount will increase several times.

At the same time about 25% of spending was on US citizens.

It is curious that the most tangible increase in the turnover of souvenirs was noted in Kazan. There, the turnover of paraphernalia, food and beverages increased 30 times.

26. A huge number of beer glasses

The organizers of the tournament also noted the record for the tournament. In preparation for the championship, more than 5 million beer glasses were produced

Most of the attributes went to Moscow (about 720 thousand), and least of all – in Sochi (about 275 thousand).

27. The sea of ​​the drunk beer

During the World Cup 2018, the average level of beer consumption in the country increased threefold as compared to the same period of the previous years.

At the same time, the record day is considered to be the historic Russia-Spain match. According to the country, the level of consumption on that day increased by 19%, in Moscow the foamy drink was consumed approximately 25% more often than usual, and in St. Petersburg – 70% already!

And what do you remember about the World Cup in Russia? Write in the comments on what matches were and what interesting they saw.

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