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Videobloger Maddison was sentenced to 1.5 years probation for a joke about the Koran

The case was initiated more than a year ago, and examined without witnesses and analysis of evidence.

Ilya Maddison. A frame from the video on his YouTube channel

Tushinsky court in Moscow sentenced videobloger Ilya Davydov, better known as Ilya Maddison, to 1.5 years of probation. He was found guilty for part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code (inciting hatred) for a joke about the Koran at the 2012 speech. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the press secretary of the court.

According to the representative of the court, the case against Davydov was examined in a special order, that is, without questioning witnesses and examining evidence. This happens when the defendant fully admits the blame, which becomes a mitigating circumstance.

The spokeswoman noted that the video blogger “committed hatred and enmity”, and his defense did not appeal the verdict. According to the card Maddison business online Tushino court session was held on May 29 and on enforcement decision was made at the end of June 2018.

According to Ren-TV, the Meshchansky Interdistrict Investigation Department was investigating the case. The source of the channel added that the conditional term was given for another video about religion, and not for a joke about the Koran.

How the case against Maddison developed:

  • at a speech in 2012, Maddison described how he sat in the toilet with the Koran when his toilet paper ran out. Then he clarified that everything was in order with the book, and in the end he added that it was the Bible in general;
  • in January 2017, the video blogger was threatened for this joke, after which his colleagues reported that Davydov had left Russia;
  • in February, the Chechnya prosecutor’s office announced the initiation of a criminal case against Davydov because of the video “Joke about the Koran”, and then deleted this message;
  • in April, they joke included in the list of extremist materials after a psycholinguistic examination;
  • in June in the list of extremist materials included another video Madisson, in which he spoke about Islam and Muslims;
  • in July 2018, Maddison conducts live broadcasts on his Twitch channel, produces videos on the YouTube channel and comes on cybersport broadcasts.
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