This is a tank! Review of a heavy Okutel smartphone with a battery of 10 thousand mAh

Did you get the wires, external batteries and a constantly discharging smartphone? Tired of the same design, slipped from the iPhone, and changing the gadget after each fall?

I know what you need: Oukitel K10000 Pro – eternal titanium among smartphones. He will replace the dialer, tablet, shovel and self-defense weapon.

So a good gadget, to be honest. The muzhitsky .

Created to destroy and break

So, get acquainted: Oukitel K10000 Pro weighing 288 grams . It is designed for those who plant a battery of smartphone for half a day, beats in heavy armor and can bend the iron batteries by hand.

The colossal weight is the legacy of a huge built-in battery and a brutal metal frame around. Plates on the front (in which the microphone and speaker are hiding) and the back panels (here the camera and the scanner) are made of the same alloy.

By the way, about the metal: not dyed, not scratched. If you hit them on a metal table, there will be a mark on the last one. Bolts are no less real to disassemble a smartphone, you have to unscrew everything.

True, instead of the promised calfskin developer, the back panel is tightened with some dense dermantin. High-quality, resistant to frost, heat and sweaty palms for years – but artificial. 

Thanks to the thoughtful wedge shape of the rear part, the furious thickness of the Oukitel K10000 Pro in 14 millimeters does not prevent to take it in hands: it comfortably lies in the palm of your hand, strengthening the impact and turning into a high-quality bump.

Ideally, if you do not have a ladies’ graceful hand. It is very convenient to use as a percussion weapon.

The main drawback of Oukitel K100000 Pro: the developers forgot to make a loop for fastening to the chain. It would turn out a steep kisten, punching armor behind the shield.

Simple Worker: The Filling and Features of the Oukitel K10000 Pro

Without laughs, I note the quality of the screen: the Oukitel K10000 Pro uses a small 5.5-inch matrix with FullHD resolution. The matrix is ​​bright, contrasting, clear and does not fade in the sun. I put a fat plus.

No fashionable 18: 9 and rounded edges – the display is recessed in the case and protected by a thick frame. When you fall on the floor, nothing happens – just do not break the floor.

It is a pity that there was no place in this machine for a normal Snapdragon. All the money was eaten by the case, so the inside is hidden cheap eight-core MediaTek MT6750T and 3 GB of RAM . On Zuma and platformers will suffice, Asphalt can brake.

A real man does not play. And with simple tasks, the K10000 Pro manages at times.

On board – Android 7.0 Nougat, probably will be Oreo. Extra applications are not, it works quickly and without lags, even when working with heavy office files or a bunch of instant messengers in memory.

The processor does not eat batteries, supports all communication frequencies, including LTE Band 7/20 , not typical for Chinese smartphones.

Dual-band WI-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 now no one is surprised, everything is in place, everything works. Even the fingerprint scanner is smart and works with dirty hands, nice.

Week without recharging – reality

Joke-jokes, and most importantly the appointment of Oukitel K10000 Pro – work long, very long. And he copes. The rest is just a disguise for a colossal battery, hiding under the “leather” cover.

Conspiracy forced: according to measurements, there are honest 9400 mAh , plus or minus 200 mAh. Can you imagine the thickness? If that, there are just 2 serial batteries of 5 thousand “mahs” connected in one.

The lack of fast charging for a real man will not be a disadvantage: a smartphone is charged from 5V / 2,4A, there will be time to relax, catch Zen and drink vodka. You’ll have time to sleep too.

Joke! In fact, even a complete charger with  MediaTek Pump Express with an output current of 12V / 2A charges the smartphone in just 4 hours .

How much is this incredible amount? Ho, synthetic tests often fly out when trying to test the K10000 Pro. But Antutu can take the top line with 13 hours on maximum load, GeekBench chases it 21 hours. 

In single modes of use, the layout is:

  • video over Wi-Fi at maximum brightness – 22 hours (!) ;
  • 3D games via Wi-Fi at maximum brightness – 10 hours;
  • in the navigator mode – 14.5 hours ;
  • surfing / variable mode of use (screen activity time) – 16-18 hours.

How does it work in real life? Enough for 3-4 days without recharging, if you do not watch the series for days, and you limit yourself to a couple of hours of surfing, spend the same amount of time in messengers and look moderately / listen / say. I did it on the test.

I enlist the Oukitel K10000 Pro in heroes-celestials: smartphones do not live that much even with an external battery.

Such a tank can be taken, with reservations

One smartphone is always not enough for a guy. I need another player, camera,knife and ax. Oukitel K10000 Pro will replace them all – without jokes, multimedia stuffing is bearable.

No amplifiers are claimed, but the smartphone bombs louder than any Xiaomi, albeit in mono. Neither in the subway, nor during the rockfall in the middle of the campaign call will not miss.

The same can be said about vibration. It is not good enough for a smartphone to work for a puncher, but thick working pants will not be a hindrance. I can smell it in my backpack.


If you love music, you will not be disappointed either. This cheap (in its class) smartphone swings the tight armature and sounds very tolerable. Better than all the medium-budget smartphones known to me, as if it had at least a dedicated amplifier, like NXP.

With the cameras problem: officially some sources tell about 16 and 8 Mp (rear and front). In fact, only 13 and 5, and does not know how to K10000 Pro interpolate the picture.

But the pictures under sufficient light are surprisingly good, with the correct white balance and juicy colors. The camera will not replace, but accidentally made in the absence of a separate unit, the frame can be thrown in the social, and printed.

What is more important (for the guy, of course), Oukitel K10000 Pro perfectly moonlights navigator: supports GPS / BD / GLONASS with a cold start in 5 seconds. Accuracy in urban conditions is enough for both footmen and wheeled walks.

Significant advantages and imperceptible shortcomings

Oukitel K10000 Pro is a unique smartphone. They can split the stones and nuts, pierce the skulls and dig trenches. Everything you just want.

Absence of the loop of course grieved, but a real man can and without it wrap around the chain. Launched out of the sling K10000 Pro will accurately send the opponent in the era of the popularity of such tools.

At the same time the device copes with all tasks assigned to it. Quite fast and confident. Another price tag is one and a half times less, and not  10-12 thousand . You could have taken a backup.

But in our troubled times you will not find weaponssmartphone is more reliable. Take a bag on your belt right away, do not get into your pocket.

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