The suppliers left a lot of components for the iPhone X. Apple put on a higher demand

Sources report a large stock of components for the iPhone X, while the smartphone in the coming months can be removed from sale. Despite the high demand, the flagship still did not live up to expectations of Apple, which was planning more agitation and ordering large volumes of details for third-party companies.

In the first quarter of this year, Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones, in the second quarter, sales fell to 52.2 million. This provided a record profit, which the Cupertins partly owed the high cost of the iPhone X. However, the question remains what to do with the details produced, because in the coming months will have to release the conveyors of factories for a new generation of smartphones.

Vendors expect that some details in the new iPhone will be unified with the old ones – this will allow using ready-made components.

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