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The director of the film adaptation of Warcraft will make a film based on a series of comics and games

Directed by Duncan Jones in his Twitter laid out a teaser of his new project. The video and the message itself do not say which project it is working on, but it shows that the cinematographer is adapting the Rogue Trooper series to large screens.

This is a series of comics, the universe of which also released several video games. The comic has been out since 1981, and there are also several video games. The story tells of a soldier with genetic modifications: he, along with his partners, avenges his superiors for the death of his colleagues.

Duncan Jones already has experience working on the adaptation of game projects: in 2016 he released the film “Warcraft”. The basis of the blockbuster was the subject of the cult strategy of Warcraft development Blizzard.

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