The British announced the creation of a cosmodrome in Scotland

The British government announced the construction of a cosmodrome in the north of Scotland. Talk about the creation of the first British site for the launch of space rockets went for a long time, and now it became known about the beginning of the work.

The Space Agency of Great Britain will invest an additional 2.5 million pounds ($ 3.3 million) in the construction of the cosmodrome. Launches from the site are scheduled to begin in the first half of the 2020s. It is expected that the spaceport will be open both for government missions and for private companies.

Space for the cosmodrome was selected throughout the UK: points were considered in England, Wales and Scotland. It turned out that the last location is optimal.

Virgin Orbit has already hinted that it plans to launch from this cosmodrome modified Boeing 747-400 (in the company they are called Cosmic Girl) together with LauncherOne carrier rocket – after separation from the plane it will be able to deliver a payload into orbit.

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