World Championship2018

Putin promised to extend visa-free entry to holders of a fan’s passport by the end of the year

For foreigners to return to Russia.

Photo by Yuri Streltsa, Kommersant

Vladimir Putin, after the final match of the World Cup, told reporters that foreign holders of a fan ID (Fan ID) will have the opportunity to repeatedly visa-free entry to Russia. The right will be in force until the end of the year.

I hope that they [foreign fans – approx. ] will take advantage, many of them, at least, this, and will come to our Russia more than once with friends and with members of their families.

Vladimir Putin

During the Sochi Olympics-2014, the Confederations Cup-2017 and the World Cup-2018, the fan’s passport acted as an entry visa for the ticket holders. It could be obtained free of charge by registering on a special website and having passed a review in law enforcement. In the case of confirmation, the fan was given a Fan ID.

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