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Pornhub on World Cup 2018: traffic from Russia decreased by 17% during the match against Spain

The record holder for obsession with football is Uruguay, where attendance dropped by 61%.

Photo by Dmitry Kolodin / Pornhub

One of the most popular pornographic sites Pornhub published statistics attendance during the World Cup in Russia. The authors talked about which of the countries was the most distracted from viewing porn for the matches of the national team.

According to statistics, during the group stage, Senegal (47%) became the record holder for falling average attendance, followed by Iran (45%) and Iceland (42%). Russians were not distracted from porn so much – on average by 6% on matches with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay.

During the round of the playoffs, the leaders changed: traffic from Uruguay fell 61% on the match with Portugal, and from Argentina by 36% on the match with France. When Russia played with Spain, attendance declined by only 17%.

According to Pornhub, the average number of searches for pornographers at the request of “football / soccer” during the World Cup 2018 grew by 113% and continues to hold above the usual rate.


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