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Photo: Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki

“I hope we will have an incredible relationship,” said the US president, who was late for talks with the late Russian president.

A shot from the air of NBC

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump began the first official meeting outside the major international summits. Presidents of Russia and the United States, who are in Helsinki, will talk for several hours alone, and then they will hold talks in an expanded format of delegations.

Specific topics that Trump and Putin could discuss in Helsinki were not known until recently. Among the options were called the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts. Trump later said that he would discuss nuclear, military and trade issues with his Russian counterpart, as well as relations with China.

Together, our countries have great opportunities. Honestly, we did not get on very well the last few years. But I think that we will have an unusual relationship.

Donald Trump
President of the U.S.A

Despite the importance of talks between Putin and Trump, they did not start on time. The Russian president, known for significant delays in meeting with heads of foreign states, deviated from the schedule by about 40 minutes. Trump arrived another 20 minutes later.

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