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“Opponent is a compliment”: what important Putin and Trump said after a two-hour meeting in Helsinki

The presidents state that the relations between the countries changed during the meeting. But instead of the specifics – plans and promises to live together.

Trump and Putin at a press conference in the Helsinki Media Center. NBC News photo

July 16, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump met in Helsinki amid numerous disagreements (including on Syria, Ukraine and the Crimea), economic sanctions and the case of Russia’s interference in the presidential elections in the United States. The first full-fledged negotiations behind closed doors started with a delay of one hour (Trump arrived 15 minutes late for Putin’s 40 minutes late): They ended only after 2 hours and 10 minutes, which is 40 minutes longer than expected .

At the final press conference, Putin and Trump did not report almost any specific agreements, but still found the talks successful.

Putin on the “interference” of Russian intelligence in the American election

July 13, just three days before the meeting between Putin and Trump, US authorities charged 12 officers of the Russian GRU (Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff) in the case of interference in the US presidential election in 2016.

At a press conference, Putin twice made a mistake, calling the “Russian cause” of Robert Müller’s special prosecutor Robert Miller. The president said he did not know anything about the charges and promised to understand, but at the same time he suggested that US representatives “attend” during interrogation of intelligence officers.

At the same time, Putin put forward one condition: that in response the United States be questioned by the head of the Hermitage Capital fund William Browder – in Russia he was sentenced in absentia to the real terms for fraud and non-payment of taxes. Trump has not yet responded to the offer.

As for 12 employees allegedly our special services. I do not know anything about this yet, I still have to find out, but the US president put this question before me.

We can propose to the public prosecutor to send us an official request with a view to conducting interrogations of those people whom he considers guilty of offenses. Prosecutors can conduct interrogations and send information to the United States.

Vladimir Putin

Trump that he told Putin everything “in person” about interference in the elections

Putin, as usual, began to deny all charges against the Kremlin in interfering in the election of the US president. Trump also noted that he “trusts his intelligence” and that the investigation “had a negative impact on relations between the two largest nuclear powers.”

During today’s meeting, I spoke with President Putin about Russia’s interference in our elections. I think it was better to tell him straight in the face.

Donald Trump

The US president agreed that the investigators of both countries should cooperate in the investigation, but no more specific decisions were made by the heads of state. Trump at the same time criticized the investigation of Mueller: “This is a disaster for our countries, it divides us. There was no interference, everyone knows about it. ”

Putin on the influence of the “troll factory” on the election campaign in the States

At the press conference, journalists also recalled accusations against 13 Russians, allegedly associated with the ” troll factory ” and St. Petersburg businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to Putin, all accusations against the company Concord Prigogine are groundless. The president compared the businessman to the investor and philanthropist George Soros, who allegedly “interferes with everything”, but did not explain what exactly.

We heard accusations against the company Concord. As far as I know, this firm hired American attorneys, and all the accusations against her disintegrated in the American court. You see what happens in the American courts. That’s what you need to rely on, not on rumors.

Vladimir Putin

In March, the US Justice Department included Concord in its sanctions list. Prigogine denies the involvement of his company in influencing the elections and tries to prove it in court: in his opinion, Mueller does not have enough authority to make such accusations.

On June 15, the US court restricted Concorde access to the materials of the “Russian case” so as not to damage the investigation. According toPrigogine, such a decision proves “crude fabrication” of the data. Thus, it is not exactly known what Putin meant at the press conference, but probably he is confident in the lack of evidence of the Concorde’s guilt.

About Crimea

Trump and Putin recalled that they adhere to previous positions on the accession of the peninsula to Russia. The US president considers it illegal, and the Russian president claims strict compliance with international law. According to Putin, the issue of Crimea is “closed.”

About the trash on Trump

At a press conference, an American journalist asked about “compromising evidence” on the US president, published in the media in January 2017. The documents claimed that in 2013 Trump at the Moscow hotel Ritz Carlton arranged an orgy with prostitutes, which was recorded on video.

Trump suggested that if Russia had compromising on it, it would have long been available to the public. Putin responded even more harshly, advising the journalist to “throw this peel out of my head.”

On further cooperation

Trump and Putin called the results of the meeting successful and on the whole several times declared their optimism after the summit.

Our countries fought on one side during World War II, and even during the tense Cold War, when the world was different.

Today, the US and Russia managed to maintain an active and stable dialogue. Our relationship has never been at a lower, worse point than they are now. However, this has changed. Everything changed about four hours ago. And frankly I believe in what I say.

Donald Trump

According to Trump, the United States began to establish relations with Russia. Among the main topics that supposedly should contribute to this, he called the halt to the spread of nuclear weapons. For example, countries are cooperating on this issue with regard to North Korea.

I called Putin a rival, a rival in the good sense of the word. I believe that the word “rival” in this case is a compliment.

Donald Trump

At the end of the meeting Putin gave Trump a ball from the World Cup. The US president threw the ball precisely into the hands of Melanie, who sat in the front row, and promised that he would give it to his son Barron.

Reuters photo
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