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Ninebot will release a kit to turn Segway into racing cars

The company Ninebot (it owns Segway) plans to launch the production of sets for giroscuaters, which turn them into racing cars in the style of Mario Kart. The kit adds a seat, chassis and two additional rear wheels, a steering wheel, and a front bumper. The base is Segway miniPRO. The owner of the gyroscope will be able to adjust the location of the seat for growth – a child or an adult, for example.

The photos are placed on the social network Weibo on the account Ninebot. There is no detailed information about the product. As Abacus writes , the official announcement of racing karts can be held July 24 in Los Angeles.

Not so long ago, Ninebot also introduced the “electronic skateboards” Drift W1, which will be shown at the IFA 2018 in Berlin.

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