Musk called the pedophile of the rescued children in Thailand a diver. He decided to sue him in court

According to the diver, Musk is only a “PR dealer”.

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British diver Vern Unsworth criticized the idea of ​​Elon Musk to use a mini-submarine to save children in Thailand. In response, Musk in his Twitter called Ansvorta a pedophile. Now the diver is going to file a suit against the businessman.

July 13 in an interview with CNN Answort said that the idea with a mini-submarine Elon Musk “completely useless.” He doubted that the device could overcome even 50 meters along the winding passages of the caves.

There was not a single chance that it would work. He [the Musk] had no idea what the cave passages were. The submarine, as I understand it, was about 1.7 meters in length and was stiff, so that it could not skirk angles or any obstacles.

This is just a PR stunt.

Vern Answorth
British diver, who participated in the rescue of children

Diver noted that Musk can put his submarine “his ass”. According to the diver, the entrepreneur was indeed in the cave, but he was quickly asked to leave her military and rescuers.

July 15, one of Twitter users after viewing the interview wondered if the Musk would have worked. The entrepreneur joined the discussion and replied that he “never saw this guy [Answorth] in the caves.” According to him, there were only Thai military and rescuers who accompanied him and the SpaceX team.

In response to criticism of the submarine, Musk replied that before the “cave 5” it was possible to swim without equipment due to the low water level. According to the entrepreneur, it was thanks to this children that they managed to get it out.

If this is not true – then I personally challenge: let them provide the last record of saving schoolchildren. And, although you know, do not need any video, one of our submarines will go all the way to “cave 5” without problems. I’m sorry, pedo-guy, but you forced me.

Elon Musk

Twitter users reproached Musk with the fact that he baselessly accuses the diver of pedophilia. The entrepreneur said that he “is ready to put on the fact that this is true.” The next day after that, Musk removed all his tweets about Answorth.

The diver told AFP that he had heard about the Tweets Musk and was going to sue him. The final decision will be made when he returns from Thailand to England.

He’s just a PR dealer – that’s all.

Vern Answorth in a conversation with AFP

According to Western media, Answorth not only took part in the rescue operation, but also attracted colleagues from Great Britain, who pointed out the almost exact location of the missing schoolchildren. Journalists note that without the help of a diver, the rescue operation “would not have been so successful,” since he knows the caves and is considered the main expert on them.

July 10 in Thailand , an operation to save 12 students and their coach from a flooded cave was completed. This was preceded by several days of preparation, training of children for diving and the death of one of the rescuers.

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