How not to succumb to the tricks of dishonest iPhone sellers: detailed illiteracy on smartphone verification

On the Internet, hundreds of sad cases of buying iPhone are described, and they begin about the same way: “I saw the announcement – the new iPhone is one and a half times cheaper than the market! Well, I took … “Further all in one scenario: the joy of a profitable purchase quickly disappears – the smartphone” shoots “one module after another, and in the service it turns out that the purchased collected is unclear how and from what apparatus. Along with experts in repairing the technology of Apple, made a guide for checking the iPhone and found out that even a dropped Apple ID is not yet a guarantee of a “clean” device.


  • Tricks of sellers
  • Starting with a box
  • Reset iPhone, even if it’s new
  • Removed Apple ID does not mean anything anymore

Tricks of sellers

EXPERT say that people often do not know what kind of apparatus they have – new or restored. The truth is revealed only afterwards:

– Recently there was a story: a girl bought an iPhone – a new one, as she thought. A week later, the lower loop began to work poorly, the microphone went out of order. We open – and there was water, and everywhere Chinese stickers. But the seller assured that the phone was new.

Rare model of the iPhone does not save from the basement ref: for example, there are also recovered do not understand as iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED), and not very common versions with 256 GB of memory, not to mention the most popular versions with a basic storage capacity.

Buyers are kept at a low price: as a rule, it will be 100-150 rubles lower than the average for the market. A person may get the impression that he has finally found an honest seller, to whom his conscience does not allow to get welded on the buyers. In fact, the opposite is true: high-quality devices can not initially cost cheap, and taking into account the delivery and payment of all duties, the price can not be much lower than the offers of other sellers.

By some miracle, the basement refs immediately work when buying: they turn on, they have order with a microphone, speaker, camera, the Touch ID scanner also works – that means, the buyer thinks, we must take. Problems usually arise later. Hoping to repair the service is not an option:

– Sellers write out warranty cards for the services with which they are connected. They immediately say: “You have the same phone, there is no repair for it.” This is a complete nonsense – for the officially restored iPhone, the same warranty is given as for the new Apple smartphones. And the seller can no longer get through: there are constantly changing the numbers and even the sites themselves. We sold a hundred telephones per month – you can move to a new page . Typically, the website of such an online store will be somewhere in the bottom of the small print warning about this: “If you update your phone to iOS 11, warranty service is removed.” This, of course, nonsense. But the fact is that Apple since the 11th version of iOS is blocking the refs, and the sellers are allegedly relieving themselves of responsibility.

First of all, you need to study the online store: look for reviews about it, check the details (and if they are listed at all). Sellers, while trying to outwit the buyer, but at the same time should take care of their protection, if suddenly someone will sue them. Making sure that everything seems to be in order, you can order the device.

Starting with a box

The main task when buying – without hurrying up, ignoring the picture looking at the clock courier, read all the documents and thoroughly study the smartphone. Let it take an hour, and the courier annoyedly will say that he is late for other customers – this is absolutely not your problem. Ideal: before the purchase come to the salon of the official reseller of Apple or mobile operator and ask for the iPhone along with the box – just to remember the tactile sensations from the smartphone, to look at the original fonts on the box.

So, the courier gives you a sealed box: in the case of the new iPhone there will be a color image of the smartphone, when buying an official CPO – a white outline with embossing, and nothing else. Let’s say the picture corresponds to what you ordered. Do not rush to unfold – you need to start checking on the cellophane. Apple a few years ago went to a new system of sealing boxes: you need to pull the tab, and the top of the package is easily detached. If the cellophane starts to break, the glue is too strong and lags with difficulty – these are the first signs that problems with the device are possible.

The box on the left is not original. Pay attention to the worn inscriptions: the paint peels off, even if you slightly scratch the inscription with your fingernail

Do not hurry to open the box: on the reverse side, take a look at the stickers with technical information. These stickers should be the same shade, and are located perfectly smoothly – at least check the corner. If one sticker is a bit yellowish, and the other is snow-white, a lighter one was put later. Fonts must be clear, with no displacements and the effect “paint in the printer is about to end.” Finally, scratch your fingernail over the inscriptions. The original Apple sticker will withstand such an impact, the inscriptions will not peel off. Self-cleaning paint quickly erased.

Next, remove the top cardboard cover and inspect the kit. The headset, the USB-Lightning cable and the charger must be new and in separate packages. It may even go so far that there is an American “charge cube” in the smartphone box for the European region – then immediately refuse to buy.

Also, inspect the protective film on the iPhone: air bubbles and dust particles under it are unacceptable. Next, you need to compare the unique code on the box, the iPhone case and the settings of the device. Starting with the iPhone 6S, the device number is hidden on the SIM card tray. It, naturally, should coincide with the number on the box and in the settings of the iPhone – it concerns that new smartphones that are officially restored. The serial itself is printed in one font and exactly: blurry, fuzzy characters are not allowed.

Type in the serial number on the page of the Apple website. If the device is already activated or if the technical support has expired, immediately refuse to purchase the device and do not listen to the courier’s fables about messed boxes, rearranged SIM trays and so on.

If everything is in order, touch the smartphone very carefully. The iPhone should not have bulging connectors, scratching elements, squeaks when compressed:

– When changing the screen in basement conditions, it often sits a little higher than at the factory installation – after passing a finger, immediately feel the ledge. The Lightning connector sometimes sticks out a millimeter. The buttons should be clearly pressed, without jamming and squelching. But such moments will be understood only by the person who worked with the iPhone. 

The font on the pink iPhone 5S is not original: it should be more delicate

Reset iPhone, even if it’s new

If your smartphone is running iOS below version 11, ideally you need to update the device to the current firmware and perform a full reset right at the seller. After this you can be quite calm. Of course, the update will take time. But having bought a basement iPhone and afterwards updated to iOS 11, you will get a “brick” and loss of your money: “Refs are not now activated on iOS 11, writes” activation failed “. However, if by some miracle for the first time the activation has passed, then in the second it definitely will not work . 

For the sake of interest, download to the computer a program that shows the number of battery cycles (CoconutBattery, BatteryCare) – and the new and officially restored iPhone battery should be without “mileage”. Finally, go to iTunes: if there’s all the same data, you can pay for the smartphone.

When buying a second-hand iPhone, the problem becomes even greater. A smartphone without a box should already alert. Sometimes people buy a device abroad and throw out a box to not pay the duty (they say, I have been using the device for a long time, but I did not buy it on the trip), but there may be another reason for selling the iPhone without packaging – it’s stolen.

Ideally, you need to take the smartphone to the service center with the seller, to disassemble the device and learn from the inside: whether there are non-original parts, traces of water, repair, soldering. Of course, not all sellers will agree to this, but here already either wants to sell, or not. Another thing – iPhone 7 and newer, which are protected from moisture: at the opening of the factory sizing will already become unusable.

Identify the originality of the iPhone on the inside of the ordinary buyer is unlikely to be able to: every little thing matters

Removed Apple ID does not mean anything anymore

For a long time it was believed that a dumped iPhone with an untied Apple ID account is a guarantee of cleanliness of the device and it is not exactly stolen. It turns out that now it is not so:

– We had a chance. The man bought the iPhone from his hands, met the seller in a crowded place – at the station. It would seem that everywhere there are cameras, there should not be problems. The smartphone was in order: the seller even allowed to open the device. Settings are reset, Apple ID is not bound. A couple of weeks the buyer calls from the investigator: “You are using a stolen phone.” The person explains that this is impossible – the seller took the account directly at the buyer, that is, he knew the password from the Apple ID. But it turned out that the device had been stolen for three months. Records from some cameras are no longer preserved, according to records from others, except that a man can be distinguished from a dog. Well, they show 150 photos of suspects – all in one person. Try to remember how the seller looked. In general, the phone had to be returned to the legal owner, and the buyer lost his money.

We began to study how it was possible to remove the Apple ID account from the stolen phone. It turned out that there are even such proposals on the black market. Resetting all the settings on your eyes still does not say anything. For reinsurance, we advise you to make a test selfi with the seller: they say, I want to check the front camera. So at least you have a picture of him. And it is best to buy the device with a box – then there is more chance that the smartphone is not selling a fraudster. No box – ask to make a photo of the passport data of the seller. If he has nothing to hide, then there should be no problems.

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