How many cameras will be on the iPhone 9. The answer is unpleasant

It is highly likely that Apple will introduce 3 new smartphones to us on September 11 or 12. We are waiting for an inexpensive iPhone 9, as well as the flagship iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus. The latter will become ideological heirs of the iPhone X, but the first one raises a number of questions.

On the one hand, the iPhone 9 should be so interesting to attract the owners of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. On the other hand, it should not scare off potential buyers of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus.

That’s why Apple marketers have twisted the technical specifications and created a number of problems. We will discuss one of them.

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Portrait mode: I do not understand, will be in the iPhone 9 or not

According to rumors that have been published recently, we know for sure that the iPhone 9 will receive a full-fledged True Depth module, which we got acquainted with in iPhone X.

In a small cutout of the screen, an IR camera, an infrared emitter, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, a speaker, a front camera and a point projector are placed. Indeed, a lot of things for both Face ID and other smartphone features.

In the iPhone X, using True Depth, a portrait mode of shooting works, which blurs the background in the photos in the manner of the SLR cameras. For this, a bunch of front and infrared cameras is used. Similarly, it should be in the iPhone 9.

And we know that a new relatively inexpensive smartphone should get a single main camera. Today, the portrait mode works only with dual modules, and it’s unlikely that this policy will be changed for Apple’s budget.

It turns out that the iPhone 9 should work with this mode when shooting selfi, but can not in other cases. It sounds wild, and it is this question that does not bother me today.

I see only 3 solutions to this problem. But they are all bad

I figured out how the company could cope with this problem, but none of the options seemed to me adequate.

First , it can leave a portrait mode for capturing a selfie, but do not add it when using the main camera.

It will be very strange, the owners obviously feel deprived, therefore in such decision to believe it would not be desirable. None of the iPhone has ever broken up like that.

Secondly , the company can adapt the portrait mode for one main camera and offer its full implementation.

At first glance, it seems that this is a good option, because the current Google Pixel perfectly blur the background with even one camera. But in this case, the owners of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus with dual cameras will feel deprived.

Thirdly , Apple can make “Portrait” a piece of purely flagship smartphones and generally deprive it of the iPhone 9.

This option seems to me the least likely. It turns out that the company will cut hardware capabilities True Depth programmatically. So she will incur a wave of discontent and lawsuits.

Single main camera and True Depth – bad tandem

Despite the confusion with the portrait mode, which has pleased many people since the time of the iPhone 7 Plus, I understand the marketing component of the issue.

I repeat:

“On the one hand, the iPhone 9 should be so interesting to attract the owners of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. On the other hand, he should not scare away potential buyers of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus. “

True Depth is needed precisely to attract the attention of the owners of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and older devices.

Together with it you get a frameless screen without useless in 2018 the Home button, unlocking Face ID and access to Animodzi and Mimozi.

A dual camera is not needed just to not scare off potential buyers of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus.

It was the dual camera that became the main flagship chip of Apple smartphones. If it will be in a budget device, it will become too much like the more expensive brothers in the line.

I recall that the iPhone 9 should not cost more than $ 700, and the price for the iPhone XI will start at $ 900. In this case, the latter also has a smaller screen.

Nevertheless, the tandem from a single main camera and True Depth seems very strange to me precisely because of the lack of understanding with the portrait mode.

And in general, iPhone 9 will be boring. Here are its characteristics:

  • A 6- or 6.1-inch IPS screen with a density of at least 400 PPI and a useful area of ​​18 to 9 – no newfangled OLED
  • The Apple A12 processor – + 10% of the speed and + 40% of the graphics power compared to the A11, this will be for all iPhone 2018
  • 3 GB RAM – iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus can get 4 GB (the latter is accurate)
  • True Depth and Face ID
  • Single chamber – flagships will get double
  • The obsolete design of the rear panel, which will only give the placement of the flash under the camera

But Apple marketers will still force us to buy it

Today I do not understand how Apple will deal with the portrait mode in the iPhone 9, and none of the possible solutions seems to me right. But I’m sure that marketers will shift our attention to other chips, and make us buy it.

But on what exactly? Of course, for new colors !

It is the iPhone 9 should come out in silver, white, blue, red and orange cases. With black iPhone 7, which almost did not differ from the iPhone 6s technically, rolled and rolled here.

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