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10 films for different occasions

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“Real Ghouls”

When you want a holiday, you need to watch something deafeningly funny, and movies are funnier than “Real Ghouls,” you can count on your fingers. The company of crazy vampires participates in a pseudo reality show: it tells about its life, has fun, devours people and even has debts for utilities. And then there’s a party where you can get in as a guest. Or as a snack.


The Ghoulish Eight

Every Tarantino movie is a holiday for me. A holiday of incessant massacre, shootings, bomb dialogues and elegant installation. I want to distract myself – see Tarantino. I want to laugh – see Tarantino. I want to release steam – Tarantino. The “disgusting eight” fits as well as possible.


“Strength of will”

The film tells about the Afro-American runner, whom Hitler did not shake hands during the Olympic Games. I run a lot and really like doing it, but in the film the runner proves to the whole world and to himself what he is capable of. It is always pleasant to observe the achievements of people, they are motivated to overcome themselves, to achieve something from the list of their goals. And it’s cool when a movie makes you want to achieve something in real life.



If “Willpower” is more like a buyopik, then “Obsession” is a full-fledged drama. She reminds us that nothing is given freely, at the click of your fingers. You must understand that to achieve the goal you have to work very hard. This is a story about a drummer who dreams of becoming famous, but there are so many mental and physical torments that many would stop halfway, frightened by what is happening. Very cool musical movie.


“Eat Pray Love”

The film is about the search for your “I”, about the importance of understanding your real desires. He does not push me to lift my lazy ass from the couch and go to conquer the world. He does not give me a feeling of peace and peace. Just talks about how important it is to be happy. The film is easy to watch, and immediately becomes calm on the soul.


“The Pursuit of Happyness”

“Chris, what would you say if someone came for an interview without a shirt, and they took him.” What would you say?

– That on it, probably, were chic pants.

Everything is clear on the slogan – “Do not let anyone say that you can not do something. You have a dream – protect it. ” The film is based on real events. He’s talking about a man who just wanted to be happy. The film teaches us to go to our goal, as the main character does: not on the heads, not on the knees, not on November, how hard, and not begging fate and people alms. And firmly and with dignity. Viewing motivates not to give up, even if all the misfortunes of the world have decided to fall upon you at once.


“Dogs in Space”

This is not only a great film about the first cosmonauts, space technologies and the difficulties of the first flights, but also a reliable story about the most brave little pioneers. I love animals, it was great to learn the history of the first dogs in space. And this picture is also in 4K resolution.


“Upward movement”

Yes, the film is very famous and controversial popular, but it’s really interesting to see what kind of unrealistic Olympic victory it was. And in not the most popular sport for the USSR.



It may seem that this is an ordinary thriller, but in fact it is not. Closer to the middle of the plot makes a completely unpredictable turn. The film is complicated, it’s hard to understand, and it’s hard for me to describe his genre – it’s just something to see. Among those who looked at the picture, there are no indifferent: she either very much likes or does not categorically enter. And in the “Beavers” there is a steep quotation: “Everyone must finally understand that inside him is an animal.”


“Lonely man”

I like this film because of the steep and stylish picture, because it was shot by one of the most famous designers in the world, Tom Ford. Colors, setting the frame – just a visual series from the very beginning tells you that you are watching something special. Yes, the plot may seem banal: it is a story about the loss of a loved one. But the film is looking for an answer to the question of how to live after this. And yes, I think Colin Firth in this film performed one of his best roles.


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