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Why Yandex.Maps did not appear in iOS 12 in CarPlay mode

I installed the beta version of iOS 12, I wanted to try third-party maps on CarPlay in the car, but they do not work. Why? 
– Sergei

Hello, Sergey.

First , do not forget that you are using the beta version of the iOS 12 firmware. This means that you may encounter unexpected problems and glitches during operation. The efficiency of all modules of the system is guaranteed only with the final release of the system in September.

Secondly , developers of third-party mapping services should refine their applications to work with the updated CarPlay. Perhaps the application you are interested in has not yet been updated.

Third , some software chips that Apple representatives promise on WWDC in June, appear in the system in six months or even later. This happened, for example, with the second generation AirPlay.

Announced the chip back in early last summer, and added to iOS only this spring.

No one will be surprised if something similar happens to CarPlay.

At the moment, do not wait for all the promised chips, which are shown on WWDC. The conference is aimed primarily at software developers, so that they know how to develop their programs and services in the near future.

Users get only a hint of the opportunities that will appear in the iPhone over the next year. Most chips appear from the first beta version of iOS, some add only in September, and some can get into the system much later.

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