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The Greenland village is threatened by a huge iceberg

Destruction of the ice mountain can lead to a tsunami that will wash away at home.

Iceberg near the Greenland village of Inaarsuit. Photo by KARL PETERSEN / AFP / Getty Images

Against the backdrop of the majestic ice mountain, on July 14, due to the current of the village of Inaarsuit, located near the western coast of Greenland, the house of the village of Inaarsuit, next to which it turned out to be an iceberg, look like a toy.

But this beauty is a terrible force: the iceberg is dotted with cracks and holes, which make you fear its destruction at any time and the subsequent occurrence of a tsunami. In the summer of 2017, due to the tsunami caused by the earthquake, four people were killed in Greenland, whose houses were washed away.

Local authorities have already evacuated residents of the houses closest to the water, and monitor the state of the iceberg. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the main village power station and filling stations are close to the coast.

As of July 2018, the entire population of the village is 169 people.

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