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The flight of the patriarch on a private plane was explained by the desire of business to help the ROC

The representative of the patriarch said that the money of the church or specific dioceses was not being spent on it.

A private plane, at which the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill flew to Ekaterinburg on July 13, was provided by representatives of business “who thus render the service to the church.” was told about it by the press secretary of the patriarch Father Alexander Volkov.

The patriarch could probably try to fly and regular flights. But it would also cause criticism. Would fly in a business class – would say that it is not good. I would fly in an economy class – they would say, “show-off.”

Father Alexander Volkov
patriarch’s press secretary

According to Volkov, in the church, as in society, there are people of different preferences and habits: “The church does not create people within itself and does not turn them into priests. Priests are the same people from society. Everyone has different habits, someone goes to “Pyatyorochka”, someone in the “ABC of Taste” ».

On July 13, the patriarch flew to Yekaterinburg for five days to take part in the festival “Royal Days”. Edition published photographs of the aircraft (according to journalists, this is the Embraer Legacy 600) and the motorcade of the head of the ROC.

Photos of
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