World Championship2018

Swedish tennis player fell under the ball of his partner. And jokingly began to ride on the court, as Neymar

It was a show match at Wimbledon with former tennis stars.

Jonas Bjorkman from Sweden, the former No. 4 racket in the world, took part in a special match of Wimbledon on July 12 with other tennis stars – Todd Woodbridge, Mansour Bahrami and Goran Ivanisevic. In such matches, former professional players entertain the audience intentionally with a comical game – punches from uncomfortable positions, non-aggressive style of the game and other elements that are rarely found in the main games of the cup.
Bjorkman was paired with Woodbridge. During the third set, Woodbridge hit the ball and hit his partner. Bjorkman hesitated for a few seconds – the ball hit him hard in the back – and then grabbed his stomach (which did not hit the ball), fell to the ground and began rolling back and forth.

On a longer video, you can observe how Bjorkman was substituted for the ball – perhaps specifically.

The Swede, obviously, parodied Neimar – a Brazilian footballer, known for foul simulations. The tennis player repeated the specific movement that Neimar made during the match with Serbia at the 2018 World Cup, when, after hitting his feet, he swept a couple of extra meters over the lawn, and then began to ride back and forth – and became a meme .

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