Full Adobe Photoshop will appear on the iPad

This time for real, but when – yet unclear.

The management of Adobe Systems Inc., developer of popular programs for digital design, told Bloomberg about plans to release a full version of its graphic editor Adobe Photoshop for iPad tablets within the new development strategy.

The goal of this strategy is to actively develop cross-platform versions of existing applications and increase the number of subscriptions to the company’s services. In addition, the company tries to respond to the constant flow of requests from users who would like to have a full range of functions for editing images “on the move.” Currently, Adobe offers users of mobile devices the program Photoshop Express, but the range of its functions is incomparable with a full desktop version.

The premiere of the new application is planned for the annual Adobe MAX conference, which will be held in October 2018, but the timeframe for entering the market has not yet been called – as the sources familiar with the company’s plans say, it will happen in 2019. On assurances of the management, they will try to release the application as soon as possible, but, nevertheless, delays for technical reasons can not be ruled out anyway.

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